All About Ashley-Rose:40 Random Facts about the Poetess

Ashley- Rose is an award winning Haitian-American poet, actress, educator and activist from Boston Massachusetts. She is a by product of the mean streets of Boston  and owes her successes to her mother, youth workers, teachers  in her life that encouraged her to use words  to save herself and other youth in her community. Ashley Rose  published her own book, Random Thoughts of a Capricorn  in 2010 and also holds the 2011 crown as the New England Urban Music Award  Best Female Spoken-word Poet. She  now uses her education  from Northeastern University, life experience and success  to  help empower youth in her community.  Over the last 7 years through the ARTOVOTION poetry program, Ashley-Rose has been able to  partner with non-profits, youth centers and teen drug rehabilitation centers to teach poetry to at-risk and troubled youth. By using poetry as a means of peacemaking, she has been successful in sowing seeds of change that are now blossoming throughout the inner city. Currently Ashley-Rose is at  Teen Empowerment through the LISC-Americorps program, where she  will use her talents in spoken-word poetry,community organizing and peacemaking to mobilize youth in Roxbury, to make change in there community one stanza at a time.

We asked Ashley-Rose to share 25 Random Facts …..

1.Im the youngest and the only girl in my family( perfect birth order for a brat)

2.I am a Haitian-American ( my family is from Haiti I was born here)

3. I love the movie the Little Mermaid. NO honestly LOVE IT!

4.Growing up the step group I was in The Archdale Steppers got to open up for Run DMC

5.My middle school choir  sang for Bill Clinton 2 times during his presidency

6. I love hot chips! Red Hots, Hot Cheese Popcorn, Molten Hot Wings….

7.My house was lost in a man-made flood in Roslindale  1997

8. I played power-forward for most of my high school and AAU  basketball team

9. I was Key Club President, Activity Coordinator and Captain of the Basketball team in high school

10.I was also on probation in high school

11.I received a scholarship to college

12.I helped build my mom a new house with Habitat for Humanity.

13.I helped build another family a house in Mobile, AL after Hurricane Katrina

14.I became an author at age 25

15.I hate to match colors

16.She’s Got To Have It is my favorite Spike Lee Joint

17. I am a huge Biggie and Pac fan

18. I saved stray animals as a child

19.I taught Peace at 5 different Boston Public Schools to 350 students

20.I live for Lady Gaga

21.To me Afros are the way to go

22.Of course I’m a cool Capricorn

23.I dated a lot of Scorpios

24.I am voted  2011 New England Urban Music Award Female Poetess of the Year

25. I play Lady in Red for Urban Fresh Production version of Ntozake Shanges play, “For Colored Girls…”

26.I grew up as an extreme tom boy

27.I published my first book,”Random Thoughts of a Capricorn” at age 25

28.I live for chocolate

29.Im in love with the harp

30.My mom  styles my clothes

31. Im a true Boston Baked Bean!

32. I loved Punky Brewster growing up

33.I have worked in  the non-profit sector for over 13 years

34.I consider my self and actvist who happens to be an artist

35. No Disrespect By:Sistah Solider is one of my favorite books

36. I believe there is a supreme reason why most healing books -The Bible, Quran, Tao Te Ching etc are written in poetry

37.I live for a party

38. My ideal night is wine at home with my girls chatting and laughing

39.I have the coolest friends ever

40.I’m a ball on energy..hope u can catch 🙂

  1. Juana Green says:

    Hello, My name is Juana and my son Josiah worked with you at the Lila G Frederick Pilot Middle School on a poetry piece. I would like to take the time to thank you for working with him on his poetry piece. It was very touching to see his point of view on the neighborhood that we live in.

    • Thank you so much.Having Josiah in my class is an honor. He is a natural poet so he is easy to coach. Thank yo for doing such a great job with him and I hope to continue to work with Josiah over the summer month through the Books of Hope program

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